About Us

We love art.

Thumbtack Press is one of the oldest (maybe THE oldest) art print sites in the world. We've been offering art since 2006, back when the internet was still running on a mixture of steam power and HTML 4.

Since then, TTP has undergone many changes. We’ve worked with hundreds of artists (some of which have been around from the start), changed ownership, overhauled the website, and evolved from primordial soup into the site and collective you see today.

We offer high quality art prints by over 100 top illustration, character, and lowbrow artists from around the world. We work with the illustrators providing the editorial images that juice up your favorite newspapers and magazines and the designers leading fields from fashion to mobile game innovation. Thumbtack Press artists show in galleries and teach in revered institutions across the globe. They formed and lead the lowbrow movement, push underground comics across the globe, and, together, are taking art into the future.

So we’re here for them, but we’re also here for their collectors and fans. Our job is to produce artists’ work in the most accessible, fair, and high-quality manner as possible. So there’s a couple different sides to that:

  1. First of all, we have to create perfect prints. Everything is constructed with the TLC of people who are completely dedicated to the artwork. Our prints are available in a range of sizes and heavy, archival papers (with archival inks) that will last generations. These prints are available with numerous frames, and we also offer prints on museum quality canvases, with customizable wraps and widths.
  2. 2. Secondly, every print starts at $19.99. Thanks to advances in digital printing, prints have become more affordable and artists are reaching more and more collectors. But it goes further. We produce prints as open editions, which means that, unlike limited editions, there is no limit on the number of prints made for a certain work - which helps keep prices reasonable. Artists continue to benefit from popular work and get their art in front of as many eyes as possible, while collectors can own their favorite artist’s work at an approachable price. It’s the democratization of art in real time. And at our core, we’re simply art lovers who believe that art should be accessible to everyone, no matter what.

So what makes Thumbtack Press different? Even though we love art from all over the place, we’re an invitation-only site. Our attention, passion, and aesthetic is unique only to Thumbtack Press - that’s what makes us different.

If you want to know when we add new artists, new works, feature special promotions, or just our general goins-on, sign up for our newsletter, follow us on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the one where you pin things.

So that's our story. Who are you? Tell us, we’d love to hear from you.

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